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A Note From Michael Estes, MS/HS Principal

Greetings and Salutations from the office of the Principal at Troy Middle/High School.  As I set at my desk writing this, I can hear many people working in the halls getting things ready for a new year. 


Some changes you will notice in the building include a new counselor’s office, a new technology office, and a fresh coat of paint in many locations.  There have also been changes to our security system.  Though they will mostly be unseen by most of us, we have added several cameras and access card readers. 


Besides these physical changes, we will be welcoming some new teachers to the building.  These include Mrs. Birdsong in the business department, Ms. Clary in the music department, Mrs. Cluck in the science department, and Mr. Fallaha in the English department.


I hope everyone reading this has been able to maintain a commitment to being a responsible productive citizen.  As a step in helping every student be the best possible student, we are going to focus on reducing chronic absenteeism.  The Kansas Department of Education defines chronic absenteeism as missing 10% or more of the possible days.  If a student misses more than once every other week, that student is chronically absent.  According to our handbook, students who miss more than 4 days in any semester should be staying after school to make up the work.  As my commitment to reducing the number of chronically absent students, I will be strictly enforcing the handbook rule.


As most of the students can tell you, I have been counting down the days until August 29th since about May 17th.  This year, Thursday, August 29th, is the happiest day of the year!  That is the day we all get to come back to school.  As I write this letter, it is only 50 days away, I can hardly wait!


Enjoy the rest of your summer and strive to be the most responsible productive citizen you can!