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Candidates for USD 429 Board Answer American Government Students Questions

Mr. Nathan Geiger


What qualifies you for a position on the Board of Education?

The qualifications that I have to be a member at the USD 429 school are:

I have served on many different boards over the years.(fair board, farm service agency board, and school board)

I want my children to get a quality education. 

I am easy to work with and talk to. 

I will listen to others ideas thoughts and concerns. 

With past school board experience, I understand how a school board works. 


How would you help improve the school and the community?

Be an advocate for USD 429. Promote our school.

Be voice for the community on the board. 

Help to set and promote policies that help students to get a quality education that will make them become the future leaders of our community. 


What first impression do you believe you have on people?

I am easy to talk to.

I work hard. 



Do you value service? Why or why not?

Yes very much so. I believe in hard work. I believe that if you work hard for whatever it is your doing the reward at the end of the job or task is greater. In everything you do you should work hard at it.




Mr. Michael Grable


1  What qualifies you for a position on to Board of Education?


                The most important quality that I have is the willingness to do a job that requires a person to listen to the concerns of the community and make decision that some people will like, and some will  not like.  As to my experience I have run my own business for the last 15 years.  Making those decisions that determine wether I succeed or fail. 


2 How would you help improve the school and the community?


                The best way to do both is to have a school that is high quality offering as many things as possible while keeping the cost to the taxpayers as low as possible.  By doing this people will want to live in the district and the community will grow.  I encourage you to have a lot of school spirit and pride to help with this. Hiring the right people to teach the students is one of the most important things that a board member does. 


3 What first impression do you believe you have on people?


                I would like to believe that people find me as an honest respectable person that will tell you how I see things.   This is at least the person that I try to be every day.    Unfortunately telling someone my opinion does have the potential for a disagreement, but I view that as a way make differences into solutions.


4 Do you value service? Why or why not?


                This is my favorite question. I absolutely value service.  If you look at the most successful members of our community, they are all doing community service.  Whether it’s as great as being there for someone going through a bad time, or as little as sitting on a board of education.  It is very important.  As I have grown older, I have found this becoming more important and something I find myself doing more and more. 



Thank you for your questions and wether I become a board member or not I will be working to make the Troy Schools better.  GO BIG BLUE!!!!




Mr. Tim Grable


 1.)    What qualifies you for a position on the Board of Education?

·       Attended Troy school district myself and desire to see it to continue to succeed

·       Have three children that attend within the district that will be attending Troy schools for at least another eight years

·       Involved in the community in several different areas allowing me to be available to hear questions and concerns from the community members

·       I have knowledge of the school’s current issues and understand the guidelines, challenges, and strengths within the school

·       I have a high interest in the well-being of the students, staff, and the improvement of the school district as a whole

·       I have experience in serving on other boards which provides me with the understanding on how to work efficiently in a group setting


2.)    How would you improve the school and community?

·       Support the community’s goals for the school district

·       Make sure the safety of the employees and children is a top priority along with ensuring the students are receiving the best education possible

·     Make certain that school revenues are being spent wisely

·       Initiate solutions to overcome budget cuts


3.)    What first impression do you believe you have on people?

·       Always willing to assist other individuals or organizations

·       Honest and up front

·       Selfless in volunteering time and effort


4.)    Do you value service? Why or why not?

·       Yes

·       It is a trait I want to teach my children to have

·       It is a large part of my beliefs that serving others is more important than taking interest in only yourself


Mr. Jason Winder


1.  I graduated from Troy High School and have spent most of my life in this community. I currently serve on the school board and hope to continue to do so. My qualifications are a strong desire to serve the school and community by doing the best possible job serving on the board and using my experience on the board to hopefully continue to improve the district moving forward. I want to positively influence the education and learning environment for all district students including my two children who are in grade school and high school. 


2.  The main way we, as a school board, can continue to improve the school and community is to provide the students and staff with the necessary tools to prepare for future success. By producing productive, responsible and prepared graduates, we can continue to keep our community strong. Whether continued education or entering the workforce, I believe we want to provide our students will all the tools to be successful. 


3. I don’t know the first impression that I give off, but I am usually an introvert in most situations. However, I am easily approachable and willing to work and discuss thoughts with everyone. 


4. I absolutely value service and take seriously that as an elected official, you are the eyes, ears and voice for the community you represent. I believe volunteering or serving in any capacity is vital to a community as a whole. I am proud to have served one term as a board member and would like to continue to serve. 




Jason Winder