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From the Superintendent's Desk: Mr. McKernan

Fall is here and I am hoping your son or daughter is having a positive educational experience this school year.  Mr. Hevel and the middle school/high school staff used the October 3 inservice day to discuss many aspects of the future of the schedule and curriculum at those schools.  Specifically, at the high school, we are looking for options to help enhance the curriculum.  More HCC concurrent courses, HCC college courses, online courses, and independent study courses have all been discussed.  I am not a proponent of students taking their senior year off or coasting their senior year.  I think it is important for all students to have four years of math, science, and language arts.  Since I am a former social studies teacher, I believe in that subject matter as well.  We will continue to have these conversations as the year progresses. 


 It has been great to meet many of you parents in the community and at various school events.  Mr. Hevel and I both enjoy watching the students participate in extra-curricular events.  Students can learn a lot by being a member of a team or school organizations.  As parents of students who participate, we can learn a lot also.  Giving your child over to a coach or sponsor can be uneasy and difficult for us at times  Being a good team member, just like being a supportive parent of a participant, takes work and some humility.   Sometimes we have to put our own wishes and wants for our kids aside for the good of the team.  Kids can learn as much from their failures or the lack of their own success and that of the team, as they can from having a winning season.  As parents we can learn as well. Saying all that, it takes a combined effort from players, parents, and coaches to make this happen

Ms. Torline, Troy School’s K-12 Counselor, has been introducing herself and visiting with the K-6 classes.   She has also been busy with the high school students by helping to guide them through ACT sign-ups, College and Career Fairs, and getting students signed up to see college reps. Ms. Torline has been speaking with all the kids to get to know them on an individual basis.  She is excited and passionate about her role with the Troy Schools.  Please ask your child if they have met the new counselor. 

Even though we work with students and try to impress on them how they act and what they say matters, from time to time negative behaviors have to be addressed.  We take the safety and security of our students and staff seriously.  In today’s world, comments that insinuate harming others can’t be tolerated.  Please reinforce with your child such comments have no place in the school setting, or many other places for that matter, and help them understand that severe consequences could be the outcome from those comments.  I am a firm believer much of what kids learn about how they treat other kids, respect, discipline, and other character traits, they learn mainly from family and friends.  However, a positive classroom environment with a great teacher can also have a profound impact on students and their upbringing.  We want to continue to provide that positive learning environment at the Troy Schools.

Homecoming is in full swing this week.  We will add a few pictures on Twitter and the school website as the week goes on.  Please help me remind the students to enjoy the week, but also to do so in a safe and responsible manner. 

We have had a few calendar changes and I encourage you to check the calendar on the troyusd.org website for the most recent updates.  We want to keep you informed and have been updating the website weekly.  Not all information will be on there, so never hesitate to call and ask for clarification.  I am looking forward to seeing you at the November Parent Teacher Conferences.  Our goal has to be 100% participation.  I hope you can make it. 


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